Guitar Recording: Have direct signal but no insert effects on playback – just silence

I am having an issue recording guitar with Cubase Artist 10. Somehow some setting has shifted and I do not know where.
I use an insert effect plugin to create my guitar sound (Guitar Rig 6).
While on monitor I can play and hear the effect.
While Recording I can play and hear the effect. Monitor is enabled.
But on playback afterwards I have silence. The audio wave is present, and visible.
Playing the audio in the sampler window I hear the clean DI signal NOT the insert effect.
The guitar is plugged into input 1.
Signal route is set to Stereo In and then L/R out both on the UR22MKii interface. I can hear the click from the metronome too. 16bit 44.1kHz.
Midi instruments do not have any issue, just the real audio guitar track.
I have no idea which other settings to tweak. VST is set to the interface… I need some help.

Have you tried to disable monitor on the recorded track?

That did the trick- Never part of the workflow, or never noticed…Thanks

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I believe it’s always been that way.

However, there’s a preference setting for automatic monitoring that impacts the monitoring behaviour, which in turn determines your workflow: VST