Guitar recording is inaudible - no DAW return signal

I can’t hear the audio from my guitar, but I’ve checked everything that is to be checked, and I can’t find the problem. I have a UR22 MkII, Cubase AI and am running Windows 10.

I swear I have my inputs and outputs correct:

I’ve set the input for the guitar track:

Haven’t touched anything other than the sampling:

As you can see, I get a signal from the guitar, so there are no input problems:

I can in fact hear my own playing through MIDI, and I can hear the playback of the MIDI-track when pressing play.
I have connected the guitar to input 2, my output knob turned 1/4, my mix knob all the way to the DAW-side (and not the raw signal side), I have the gain knob on 2/3 of full, using High-Z Input, the headphones knob on 1/2

So far I’ve tried to connect my speakers to the input jack on the front panel, and both the left and right line out on the back panel. No use. Any ideas as to what other solutions I can try?

I have solved this issue by the time this post came up. The issue was that on the output tab in “VST Connections”, I had a stereo output. Although this should have worked in my opinion, I tried both left and right line out channel on the UR22 MkII, but none of them output any sound. When I changed the stereo to become mono on the left channel, I managed to get sound out of it. I can’t even remember if I tried the monitoring on and off. Oh well.