Guitar Rig 4 Crashes Cubase 6

Hi, I recently purchased Cubase 6 and Komplete 7. When I load Guitar Rig 4 it instatly crashes cubase, the crash symptoms are a complete freeze of cubase and the only way to shut it down is to task manager it. I have managed to load and use Guitar Rig as a standalone, this is why I think it may be due to cubase etc.

Id appriate any advice or just hearing from someone else who has this problem.

Incase this comes up, my computer specs are as follows.
i5 processor
4 gig ddr 3 ram
maudio profire 2626
asus p7p55d pro
7200 speed HD (1Tb)
radion hd 5770 graphics card

I just had this same problem. It worked after I opened GR4 as standalone first. closed standalone and then opened it in cubase 6 and loaded GR4.

Also did you get the latest update for GR4. It is 4.1 i believe.

Thanks dude, it worked. Funny how things like that work lol.

Working fine on the MAC…

same problem here and not only with guitar rig…