Guitar Rig 5 not showing up in CB6 instrument list

Updating in the Plug In Info didn’t do it, though it’s in the list there. Any idea how to get GR to show up in the instrument list?

Isn’t Guitar Rig a plug-in effect and not an instrument?
Never used it so I am not sure but try adding an insert effect and see if it is there.

Try looking for it as an insert, not an instrument!

:blush::laughing: yup we’ve all made “Driver errors” like this, so dont be too hard on yourself. :wink:

That’s it. Thanks guys…

I did that before.

Please dont tell anybody. :laughing:

Jeez, you all are harsh! :wink:

Just spent a week updating my computer and ALL of my software after coasting quite happily for 7 years on a Dual 2G Power Mac and Cubase 4. Locating passwords, updating and interfacing with companies who’s sites have changed (most of them), trying to remember log ins, changing drives from Gig to Tera, etc, etc… I’ll admit my Guitar Rig question was a bit lazy and impatient as I’m sure I would’ve (should’ve) eventually figured it out. It is SO obviously included in the INSERT list. I’m just tired… so… very… tired…

Fun to be back after all this time. I recognize a few names. I’m a long-time CB user formally known as swingstate, though my old forum log-in info is one of those things I have yet to find. Bummer to be reduced back to “zero” but a fresh start is good too.