Guitar rig 6 and Steinberg ur22c

I recently bought the ur22c and I am new to this type of hardware and software. I have installed it ok and I can run a guitar through it. The in built Yamaha guitar amp sim works ok by I got a copy of guitar rig 6 and it doesn’t seem to work. I listen to it through earphones and it works ok.
The guitar sounds the same no matter what amp I use. I have changed the input and output preference in guitar rig to input 2 on the ur22c and the output to left and right ur22c. Guitar rig acknowledges the signal as shown by the input and output meters but as I said the sound is the same no matter what amp I use.
I have also installed it on two computers and it’s the same, I also tried using asio4all as another thread suggested by no difference.
Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and might know a solution

Set the mix knob on your interface fully to daw as in this case you want to hear the processed sound coming from Guitar Rig.

You also need to set the buffer size in asio control panel quite low to keep the latency tolerable.

Using the asio driver that came with your device is usually better than using asio4all.