Guitar Rig 6 causing cubase 11 to crash and not open previously recorded tracks using Guitar rig 6

As the title states, sometimes my project will crash when setting up a second audio track with guitar rig 6. Does not happen every time though.
My biggest issue is that Cubase crash’s when trying to open a recorded track that used guitar rig 6. The crash reports clearly show guitar rig as being at fault!!

Any help would be appreciated!! Pretty annoying.

Have you seen this? GUITAR RIG Solution Wizard [WIZARD] – Native Instruments

Have tried with no avail…

Here is a better description of what’s happening…

Quick synopsis- Cubase 11 Artist (with update),Mac Mini 2018, 8 gigs of ram, intel I5, with BigSur unfortunately.

Here’s the deal I’ve been having a lot of “crashing issues” on startup and while in the program.

I have pin pointed Guitar Rig 6 as the main culprit.
When opening a saved project with guitar rig being used Cubase just crashes.

Cubase will also crash at some point while using guitar rig in a new project. Usually when I am recording a second audio track.

Just recently after 3 hours of recording… with using the guitar plugins within Cubase :disappointed: it crashed again. This time the crash report noted Ezbass as the culprit!!!

I have never had this many issues before!!

I’ve reached out to Steinberg and Native instruments with no response or help on the matter.
Have also googled my eyes out on the internet trying to find a solution!

sorry - I have no experience with Big Sur – and looking at the system requirements for Guitar Rig 6 you’re in unsupported territory :frowning_face: