Guitar Rig insert causes crash

When I select NI Guitar Rig 4 as an insert in an audio track, it causes a computer crash that requires power cycling (no response to ctrl-alt-del).

Windows 7/64-bit completely up to date, Nuendo 5.1.1 64-bit build 651, Guitar Rig 4.21 (latest version and believe I am using the 64-bit plug-in).

Any ideas on how to start tackling this?

I’ve since updated to Nuendo 5.5 and have reproduced this problem. It was slightly better, as I was able to ctrl-alt-delete to the task manager, which showed Nuendo “not responding” and was able to shut it down without requiring a computer reboot.

The new VST Guitar Amp simulator is pretty in 5.5, but that’s not really an answer. Guitar Rig 4 isn’t exactly a rarely used little known product. It would be nice to know if this can be reproduced by anyone else.