Guitar rig/Kontrol Rig won't record automation

Cubase 5.5; XP pro 32bit SP2, Kontrol Rig 3/Guitar Rig 4. I hit read/write on the track and on the Guitar Rig vst and it doesn’t record anything when I’m recording audio for the track. Kontrol Rig is controlling things just fine, but no automation is being recorded. Any ideas?

Do you have the guitar rig as an insert effect? I think there may be an option for plugins to accept automation in prefs. Do other effects automate ok?

It’s an insert and other things automate just fine. I messed around with it some. If I take the mouse and move the knob I want controlled and then use my foot pedal, THEN it will start recording it, but if I just go straight for the foot pedal without messing around with it with the mouse, it does nothing. Really weird.