Guitar rock

Hi everyone,

Any feedback would be appreciated. Mix or otherwise. Thanks in advance.


Sorry, I can’t figure out how to insert a link.

excellent stuff, great chording and structure. I’m hearing everything fine. voice, bass etc, very refined mixing.

Sounds really good; good playing, and good singing. Thanks for putting it up.

hi JJ,

some good songs here, i like the way the solo comes in in running away, but advanced machine steals the show for me,

well done!

Hornyscotsman, Early21, Bluebob… thank you all for listening to my tunes. I’m very happy you liked them. I guess I’m doing alright then. Advance Machine has the most hearts on I guess that would make it my “hit”. I really have no idea why it’s better than any of the others. Such is the conundrum of amateur songwriting and recording I guess.

sorry but i cant see anything amateur here, everything sounds good to me, you want to hear some amateur mixing then check out my post “some opinions please” :smiley: :smiley:

be sure to check out the mix by Dylan though - thats awsome

listened to all those tracks and they are all bonkers excellent !! Kevin