Guitar Scale diagram

Hello, is it possibile in Dorico to create a Guitar Scale diagram? I know that a chord diagram is totally possibile but I am trying to do something like this:

Any help would be appreciated, thank you very much


No, Dorico can’t do this.

Thanks Dan

I would love to see this. I have Neck Diagrams 2 and can export to Dorico via graphics import, but it would be more convienient to do it within Dorico. In writing for students scale shapes are just as important as chord shapes, I vote for that option:)
Cheers R

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I’ve created a font that can do this, but just the fret dots, no letters or numbers:

Yes, I recently bought Neck Diagram 2 too, it’s a very good program, but as you said it would be great to have all this within Dorico. I have also upgraded to Dorico 4 and appreciate all the guitar related improvements (capos) and the smart midi import.

+10 for Neck Diagrams 2, but it can’t be a trivial task to include it’s functionality in Dorico. Not least in catering for us left handed guitarists.

any news/plans on scale diagrams for fretted instruments?
Cheers R

It’s not something we expect to work on imminently, but it remains on our backlog as something we plan to implement at some point in the future.