Guitar Scordatura

Hi there,
is individual scordatura possible in Dorico 3.5? E. g. the G string tuned to F#. Is that possible for chord diagrams and string indications?
I have that case, and I want to indicate the 3rd string for an F# but Dorico only offers 4th, 5th and 6th string, since an F# isn’t possible on the G string.

And the chord diagrams I would like to use with this scordatura but there is no F# on the G string…

If it is not possible yet, please implement it in future versions. Thank you.

Best regards and thanks for that great program!

check out the guitar tunings dialog in setup mode!

Not only is it possible, it is brilliant! :slight_smile:

Great, thank you very much.
But how can I use the feature for chord diagrams? I do know how to create and manipulate the chord diagrams, so I am able to build the correct ones. But in the dialogue box I still see the wrong string tuning.

Can I change the tuning within a piece using the SAME instrument? Or do I have to setup a new instrument with the different tuning?

Dear Axel,
Are you working on a Dorico file built from scratch or is it an xml import? It is my understanding that Dorico should do exactly what you want, but if it is an xml import you should change the instrument in the player’s card menu (to guitar) and then set your scordatura (same menu). The diagrams should show the difference

Dear Marc,
my file is built from scratch. When editing chord diagrams the scordatura changes are NOT shown.
I believe it’s because I have to choose which type of chord diagram I want to use, and I cannot choose my own scordatura.

Yet the string indication works with the scordatura. Thanks.

Hi Axel

Follow the steps shown in the gif, the diagrams are displayed accordingly to the “project tuning” (and the project tuning is also available to create new diagrams in engrave mode)

See Daniels explanation in a previous tread


Sorry, incorrect git, i need some coffe i guess. But Daniels explanation is correct.

Now the “correct” one

Great, thank you very much. Now I got it!