Guitar slide-in notation

For a guitar piece I would like to notate a slide-in.
The jazz articulation Lift (straight) seemed appropriate but when I enter the fingering indication (which I need because it is an E4 played on the 2nd string followed by the same note played on the 1st string) the finger number is pushed away from the note.
Then I discovered the fingering shift option but it doesn’t work. I have seen that other users had problems with this option. I guess it works only when it is expected, so for open strings notes it won’t work even though I specified the string to be used.

Are you looking for this? It works for notes belonging to fretted instruments, like guitars.

The fingering shift is more intended for string instruments like violin.

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Beppe, please note that the slide-in option will only be available if “fingering inside staff” is expressly allowed in engraving options. If you then want fingerings to appear outside of the staff anyway, you’ll have to flip that option for every fingering separately…

Cheers, Benji

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Well, sort of, but without the mandatory fingering. A good example of what I am looking for can be found here:

I am referring to those tiny dashes.

The image is from the article available here: Acoustic Guitar Notation Guide | Acoustic Guitar

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Did you ever figure this out?

I would suggest using glissando lines for the slides between notes, and the straight lift/fall jazz articulations for the slides “to nothing”. The other notations mentioned earlier are more relevant where the slide lines need to align with fingering numbers on the notation staff, which is more a feature of classical guitar notation.

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Just looked for the same thing. You can edit the vertical of lifts and falls in engraving options => jazz articulations => change “vertical span” (I changed it to 2). The default lift seems far to big for a common slide in.

You can edit the vertical or horizontal span of a single (e.g. bigger) slide in in engrave mode. Either by pulling the handle of the lift/fall or in the properties menu at the bottom => jazz articulations => offset.

Greetings, Johannes

This was the default - far too big for my taste: