Guitar slide on grace note too small

I’m working on some guitar scores on Dorico SE. When I add a grace note that has a slide (I’m using a glissando mark), Dorico does not give enough space to the slide mark that it would be clearly visible. Here is an example:
Is there a proper way of doing this?

Unfortunately Dorico does not currently force there to be more space between a grace note and its following note when adding a glissando; this is not specific to Dorico SE, but in Dorico Pro you at least have some additional tools available to manually change the note spacing to sort it out. I have made a note of this and we’ll try to improve it in the near future.

Encouraging to hear that this might get fixed in the future and that you are interested in user feedback.

Any updates on this? Does not appear to be fixed yet.
Update: Just installed 4.3.0 which seems to have fixed the problem!