Guitar Slides don't work as expected


inputting slides for guitar this is what I have found:

Guitar slides only work with fingerings.
Using lines between 2 notes needs manual adjusting.
At the moment the gliss command only works on single notes.

I think it should be possible to select 2 note(e.g.a 4th) and by avoking the appropriate command(gliss) get 2 lines.
I would appreciate a dedicated guitar slide, that works also without the fingering (the fingering option is great), as an insertes line between a selected and the next note, or between 2 selected notes (linear). This should also be possible for more than one note e.g. intervals ,chords up to the maximum number of strings. All my attempts to accomplish these tasks turned out to be quite cumbersome and that should not be the case as there a lots of slides on fretted instruments especially when it comes to transcribing Jazz, Rock, Blues… If I missed something, a command or easy workaround, please let me know.

Cheers R

Yes you can only input one gliss at a time, but you can input multiple glissando lines between chords as long as you select the specific notes within each chord you want to gliss between. So e.g. to have 3 glisses between two 3-note chords, first select just the two top notes and input a gliss; then the two middle notes and input a gliss; then the two bottom notes and input a gliss. (Apologies if you knew that and I misread your line about “gliss only on single notes”)