Guitar slurs

For guitar slurs, I know how to get an “H” for hammer-ons, and “P” for pull-offs. How do I get an “S” to indicate a slide above the slur? What should I enter in the Ornaments popover?

Not sure but it will be here if possible:

Thanks so much for that PDF, a great resource! No luck for the guitar slide though. I’ll devise a workaround. Thank you, Daniel.

Is it just like a gliss? If so, there are several options on the list.

If not like a gliss, can you upload a small image of one?

There’s a switch in the Properties panel that you can use to indicate a slide. But it gives you a line between the notes, not an S.

Ya, I guess it’s something like a gliss. I want to put an “S” above the slur rather than a bunch of gliss lines to avoid clutter. Plus I want to show the rhythm inside the slide.
guitar slide or gliss

In the end, I guess the slur along with the fingering shows how to play it. It would just be clearer with an “S” to emphasize that it is a slide using one finger.

I’ve asked for this before, and it would be fantastic to have an additional choice of “s” in addition to h and p!


It would be interesting to see an example of the appearance that you’re after.

This is one way to do it:
Screenshot 2024-06-11 155335

We were thinking about this:
Screenshot 2024-06-11 155603

Advantage is, you don’t need fingering to indicate the slide, the player can use preferred fingering.
Of course, it also needs an attached Playback Technique, Ample Guitar e.g. has a keyswitch for this!


I guess the existing “h” and “p” techniques are a bit different, semantically, because they’re audible techniques. If I’ve understood you correctly, the fingering slide in your example isn’t meant to be audible, otherwise you could use a gliss like this:


Thanks everyone for your ideas. I shall try them as workarounds. My uploaded example is a bar of one my Django Reinhardt transcriptions. It is audible (thanks to slow-downers), and I wanted to show in detail (fingering, string choice, slur style, etc) my take on how Django possibly played it.

Fair enough, but it would be nice if the “s” could be made to behave just like a gliss, though, since it is very much meant to be audible!
I’ve seen that in published notation (HL):

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