Guitar string indicators

Apologies in advance as I’m sure this has been covered before…

I’ve just input guitar fingerings and string numbers in a score but the guitar string indicators didn’t appear in the part. I figured out how to get the fingerings to appear but can’t seem to find anything for the strings numbers. Is this possible without having to input the numbers again in the part?

Thank you in advance!


Select note, in the properties window scroll all the way to the right. Last section is String Indicators, toggle Show there.

You can also select all the relevant notes in the full score where they’re shown and propagate properties - this copies all properties set on the selected notes in the current layout to all layouts in which they appear.

In 3.5, you can “do this in advance” when adding string indicators by setting the property scope (the “Sets local properties” option at the right-hand end) to “Globally”.

Thanks so much for your quick replies!

And thanks Lillie, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. I’m using 3.5 so will take that into account for next time.

Excellent, glad that’s useful. Only thing to be aware of with the “Sets local properties” is that if you leave it on “Globally” and then for example nudge an item in Engrave mode, it gets offset in all layouts too which isn’t always wanted.

Ah that’s great to know. Thanks so much!