Guitar string tunings at start of flow

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… details how to do this with the text popover. Seems ok, but I can’t seem to reduce line spacing so it looks really bad. I’m transcribing Bach BWV 998 for 7-string guitar and really need to be able to designate tuning.

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 11.06.37 AM

Is there better way (native to Dorico) or am I stuck with this?


Have you tried using the Insert Music Text dialog, new in Dorico 4?

You can also use MusGlyphs for this sort of thing. I think circled finger numbers are capital O. So 6O=D.

Thanks Lillie, but the line-spacing is still terrible.

It’s definitely a cleaner way than copy/paste. For the time being (and not to waste any more time on this), I just put both string tuning on one line.

Are you sure you’re using the Bravura Text font via the Music text character style, rather than using Bravura itself? Bravura has a huge line-height, while Bravura Text is designed for use inline with regular text fonts.

Yes, although I originally chose Bravura (with the enormous line height), Bravura Text is still too large. In the last image above, the bottom tuning is Bravura Text while the top is using “Insert Music”. For the bottom (using Bravura Text), if I reduce character size, it collapses the space, but for a reasonable representation, the font needs to be (too) small.

You can always use a dedicated paragraph style with a smaller line spacing/leading value.

That’s it … thanks