Guitar TAB export

Hello! I am trying to export a guitar tab to PDF in Dorico for iPad, but when I do, little squares appear instead of the numbers in the TABS:

I need some help! Thanks.

The first thing I would try is to reboot my computer.
If that doesn’t help I would post (a portion of) you Dorico document here so folks can see your (font) settings, and perhaps also generate a Diagnostic Report from Dorico to your desktop and post that.

Admittedly, you may have to email those files to Daniel (with a reference to this thread) until more use of this forum ups your Discourse standing.

What version of Dorico for iPad are you using, @Harold_Baron? The version number is shown in the middle at the bottom of the main Hub screen you see when opening the app before opening a project.

(And welcome to the forum!)

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The version I am using is

Sure! This is actually a super small and easy file, here it is:
Document.dorico (536.2 KB)

I seem to remember that we fixed this problem recently – could you try updating to the current version via the App Store app on your iPad? It should be version

It worked! Thank you. I just needed to update to the last version and that’s it. Thank you!