Guitar tab for 1 bar only

Hi there,
I have a long tune and I want to display Guitar Tabs for 1 bar only to display a complicated voicing.
I was thinking of creating another Instrument for the guitar player, one normal notation, one Tabs. But in the layout option I can set the display of tabs only for the player not the instrument.
Any other Idea? Don’t even know, how to try.

You could add 2 players, and show tab for one, notation for the other. You can assign multiple players to the same layout. Then give the relevant player the required music at different points.

Thanks for the answer.
I tried that. However now I get 2 systems, of which one is always empty, except for this one bar. So the instrument change doesn’t work here.
Antother thing I tried is create to instruments for the guitar player, change the instrument for the Guitar to vocal and renamed it. So now I can set display tabs only for the guitar and the “fake guitar” stays with normal notation.
However the Instrument change doesn’t work here either. It does, when I set the guitar to normal notaion, when I set the guitar to tabs only, I end up with 2 systems again.

Unfortunately instrument changes don’t work between separate players as they do for multiple instruments held by the same player. However, you can hide empty systems. If this generally works for you, then you may prefer to use the tab player for the whole system in which that bar occurs.

Alternatively, with your method of having a solo player holding a non-fretted instrument and the guitar instrument for which you’re showing tab could work as well, as having a single player hold multiple instruments allows you to use instrument changes.

Thank you.
I think the hide empty system option is the way to go.
As for your 2nd paragraph. I tried exactly that. Instrument change does not work, if one instrument shows tab.
I will also look into Chord Diagrams for guitar. That should also work in this case.

Are you distinguishing between Players and Instruments? Lillie originally said to have two Players and add them to the same layout. I wonder if you interpreted that as adding two instruments to a single Player as one might do if one player held Flute and Piccolo.

Perhaps I misunderstand, or perhaps the solution would not suit your purposes even if implemented, but I hope to clear up what I perceived was a misinterpretation of Lillie’s original post.

Thanks, but I got that. Tried both ways. However hiding empty staffs is a sufficent solution.

Could this be done like cueing? That there is indeed a separate stave, but instead of selectively hiding it you pull it into the part as a cue for certain measures?

Would using an ossia work? I haven’t tried it, and don’t know if the Ossis staff can be of a different type - tab vs. notation.

It would be really useful to be able to show/hide TAB at System breaks, along with staff names or space size…
Or to have TAB regions…!

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