Guitar TAB

When the team implements something, it almost always arrives full-featured and mature. That’s undoubtedly the reason for the wait. They’ll get it right when they release it.

At the moment I can not recommend Dorico to a guitarist.

Well, of course. If they need TAB, clearly TAB is not currently available. This is not news.

It at least gives the impression

I really hope so too. However, I have not always made the best of Steinberg’s experience with over 20 years of Cubase. The TAB Editor in Cubase 10 still looks pretty much the same as Cubase Score 2.0 on ATARI in the 90’s.

I would have many other wishes. That is not so important. But TAB needs a lot of very professional ones, although they can read notation very well, as I do. It’s about the public and creating books, teaching materials, arrangements, etc.

Several members of the team are accomplished and experienced guitar players (though I am not personally in that number), and there is no shortage of understanding of what needs to be done. We are hard at work on guitar tab and other guitar notation features at the moment.