Guitar tablature workflow

It would be great to have a slightly quicker workflow for inputting tablature. I quite like how Guitar Pro does it, but for bigger scores I’d much rather keep everything in Cubase :slight_smile:


  • A way to input by fret number. Right clicking Get info on a note, ticking Tablature, entering a value and closing the pop up is a little long winded. Simply having a “Fret number” in the info bar when selecting a note would be a good start.

  • The “prefer lower frets” behaviour should be optional. When writing out a chord voicing, it doesn’t really make sense to push notes to a lower fret on a higher string. The fret should be the easiest / quickest thing to change rather than the string. In a chord, every note has it’s own string - it’s the fret that needs editing quickly.

  • A keyboard shortcut to shift a note to an adjacent string (without changing pitch). Example: Ctrl+Shift+Up to move a note from fret 12 on the A string to fret 7 on the D string), Ctrl+Shift+Down for the reverse. The current shortcuts involve having to choose a specific string (and don’t seem to work on my current setup).


+1 Good request.

Regards :sunglasses:

Great Idea!
I used Tabit for years and would love to move my old work into cubase in this way.