Guitar Techniques on Strings

Hey team. Just upgraded to Dorico 4. In Dorico 3.5 I was able to add Guitar Techniques to cello/violin - I was specifically using hammer on - however that option seems to have disappeared in Dorico 4. Has it been moved elsewhere, or is the option no longer available?


Welcome to the forum, David. I don’t think anything has changed in this regard in Dorico 4. You can still input slurs on your string instruments, of course, but Dorico won’t input a hammer-on on any instrument other than a fretted instrument. You could temporarily add a guitar to your project, add the hammer-on there, and then copy and paste it to your string instruments, perhaps?

I had found the option under ‘ Guitar Techniques’ in in the properties menu of the cello. Perhaps it was a glitch that resolved in the update?.. I could try adding as you suggested. I do wonder whether simply slurring with pizzicato is enough to get the point across…

Thanks for your help!