Guitar type feedback

Are any of the synths or effect plugins with Cubase 10.5 pro able to produce guitar type feedback. I remember I used to be able to add distortion on my old Yamaha sy35 synth and when holding a note get the guitar type feedback. I have tried the simulators with Cubase which are good for distortion but I can’t get the feedback you would get if you hold a note and generate feedback by holding the guitar bear the speakers.

Am I right in thinking it was ring modulation that did this on synths? Is that included in any of the plugins that come with Cubase 10.5?

Also I have seen a plugin by softube that does this but I don’t really want to buy it if I can reproduce with what I already have.


maybe try ring mod + reverb + delay and play around with settings.

I’ll have a look. Cheers