guitar unison: moving a note right/left

In the screenshot of system starting with bar 11, see bar 14 beat 4. The B notes are a unison. I want stem-down notes shifted to the right. How can I do that?

Engrave mode, select the downstem note, and in the properties panel, change the voice column index to 1

How do I get to where I can see the Properties panel? It looks empty here. What did I do wrong?

forgot the screenshot. Here is is

The Properties panel is at the bottom of the window and can be shown by typing Ctrl+8 (Windows) or Command-8 (Mac). It will appear empty until you have something selected.

The Properties panel is there with only a box labeled “Common” in the space at the left. It doesn’t change when I select a blue square above any note.

Ah, you’re in note spacing mode, by the sounds of things. Click the top button in the toolbox (the graphic editing button), then select the note itself, rather than its note spacing handle.