Guitar via M-Audio M-Track Solo not triggering sound in Cubase LE 13

My guitar/cable/M-Track and laptop were set up at a music store (it all worked). Now back home nothing is getting in to Cubase LE. I have included screen shots of all relevant settings, to show that everything is mapped to/from Line 2 on the M-Track. When I strum the guitar, the green input LED on Input 2 of the M-Track lights up, so that is working. Output on M-Track is at level


The guitar track is from a Cubase template, and uses the native Amp Simulator that comes with Cubase.

The Sound Settings on my laptop (Windows 10) are mapped to the M-Track.

Have I missed something?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I don’t see the Monitor button switched On on the track. So you are not listening through the track.

There is nothing to listen to. The guitar input signal is not registering in cubase. The channel strip at left of window has a sound level meter. It shows zero sound.


You have to Monitor the track to be able to hear the input.