Guitar vibrato notation

using dorico 5, not sure how to (or if it exsist) to create notation for guitar-vibrato other than using the standard “vib.” marking. Ideally, as seen in most other guitar

(standard and tablature) the use of a wavy line after the note is the common way to notate this. I can create the wavy-lines but this is separate to adding “vib.” where as, ideally, it would be one add-on.
Any help appreciated.

You can add text to horizontal lines, and change both the placement and position of that text (e.g. so it appears above the start, rather than in the middle and inside the line).

This won’t affect playback though, for which you’d need a playing technique. So another option is to set your “Vibrato” / “Wide Vibrato” playing techniques to show wiggle line continuation lines?

thanks @Lillie_Harris for very quick reply!
i was aware of those horizontal lines and i’m not bothered about audio-playback, purely fore visual use. There is a great many features to support guitar notations and techniques specific to the guitar. As vibrato is a more widely used technique across a variety of instruments, i’d be interested to see how it would be notated for these players and if it is assumed guitarists should use the same markings.