it would be great breaks and other “objects” to move vertically!
Especially for the classical guitar!

Welcome to the forum, BeiSaid. I’m sorry to say that I’m not quite sure what you’re requesting. Are you able to provide a bit more information, or perhaps a picture illustrating what you’re asking for? Many thanks!

Dear Daniel,
Thank you for your quick answer.
First of all, I’m thrilled with Dorica.
Mostly I write and compose for classical guitar. The Composition was written in three and four voices.
So my question is: Can I move the pause vertical and horizontal into the staff ?
It’s very important for a exactly read or a correct view of the guitar score.
I’ve been using the Finale for 15 years.
Dorico is just a Level higher!
Congratulations on the fantastic solutions and opportunities that Dorico offers to every serious composer!
Best regards

You want to adjust the position of rests? You can move them vertically using the ‘Rest pos.’ property in the Properties panel. You can’t move them horizontally directly, but you should find that you can move them by virtue of moving the voice column to which they belong. Select the rest you need to move horizontally and activate the ‘Voice column index’ property. Increase the number and you should see that the rest moves rightwards by a little bit. If you need to move it further, you can do so using the square handle that corresponds to the column in which the rest is found. You might find this video and this page in the online documentation helpful.

Thank You so much for the instructions. I hope it helps me. You’re very kind. Best Regards