Guitars 1 left 1 right - how to pan it easily?

Trying to record guitars left and right. Only appears on left?

How do I need to record this in order to achieve?

Also ugritone drums on left too. When I try to change panning to entirely right it mutes entirely


Make sure, you are recording to the Mono Audio Track, please.

I did that. Unfortunately nothing when panned all the way to the right?

So if you record a mono track and pan it to the left you can hear it, but if you pan it to the right it disappears, correct?.

Are you using headphones with a jack to mini jack adapter?

Here are a few things you can check.

  1. If your audio interface comes with its own ASIO driver, make sure it is selected here.

  2. Click this entry and make sure all your outputs are enabled.

  3. Open Audio Connections and click the Output tab. Make sure that your Main Mix stereo output is configured. Setting the Default Output Bus (Main Mix)

Thanks man!!! I realized right output was set to out 3 instead of 2