Guitars and drums out of sync!

I have some issues which I believe comes from the " sample rate could not be set due to sample rate clock being set to external sync " error popup. I get it each time I load up some old projects after I started using the Axe FX as the recording device.

I have alot of old demo-projects. Due to my ignorance, I’ve just used the same “project” for all kind of different recordings, and just saved them as a new project as I go. This is a messy way to do things, because I have no “subfolders” to each individual recording. Now I want to make them into finished songs.

So I’m starting from scratch, and have made a template so the volumes and drums stay the same each time (Another thing which has made my Cubase workflow messy)

I’ve copied the drumtrack from the demoproject over to a new project. Set the tempo according to the old demo, and I want to copy over the guitar tracks to have something to go from when re-recording all the tracks.

Here’s where the problem occurs.
The guitartracks are out of sync when I copy them over, and I have no idea why?

I doublechecked with an MP3 of the demos and it is in perfect sync with the drums. But it sounds like the guitars are speed up 5-10 bpms.

Any easy solution for this?

also worth mentioning.
Axe-fx makes the recordings in 48khz, while my old projects are 44,1.