Guru question: nudge MIDI events by ticks

Is there a way to do this?

Can be done if you convert MIDI to audio and then to XML, but only on Fri. the 13th under a full moon. :wink:

:laughing: I’ve tried using ALT + SHIFT + CTRL etc but all is does is 128’s or 64’s.

Anyone got any ideas?

Nudge MIDI events by ticks? What are ticks? Ok, no dog jokes, please.

Cubase has four options for time format:

Bars & Beats

Samples is the smallest increment there is. Click the arrow-type thing in the transport panel to change the time format.


Hi Jeff

I am able to use the mouse but I need a finer-grained method using for example the Arrow Keys and modifiers.

If there is a way I’d be most grateful, otherwise maybe this is a development issue?


My sheep get ticks sometimes, does that count ? :slight_smile:

:mrgreen: Is there a way to do this?

Kind of like how you move an image in a spreadsheet application or some other program?

In the Logical Editor Presets, there is a subfolder, “Standard Set #1”. It contains , notably, two presets, “Push Forward +4” and " Push Back -4". They nudge the selected event(s) by 4 ticks (when the MIDI Resolution is at its default 120 ticks per 16th-note).
It is very easy to save edited versions of those presets, just changing the values, such that it nudges by just 1 tick.
Then, assign those Logical Editor presets to a Key Command.

Thanks Vic for introducing me to Logical Editor.

Quite interesting I have never looked at it before as most of my work has been mousing in notes with everything at 100.

However now that I am playing them I must also be able to edit them in relation to pre-recorded (midi) material which means it is not so much about beats as it is ticks or PPQ.

Up until now I have been using the mouse to place notes albeit on an expanded editing screen and this has been ok but I am beginning to want some form of cursor-key/modifier function instead but now that I know about the Logical Editor it will no doubt help since the presets are not buried in some jut out list but rather the are in the primary list notwithstanding having to click Apply.

Maybe Steinberg in their greatness can implement some more control here using the standard keyboard that doesn’t take away from zoom commands as even those I don’t yet understand (tooltips would be helpful for all buttons and objects on the page but that is another issue).

Thanks again for your instruction

At 120 ticks per 16th note 1 tick would be 120th of a 16th note.

Where is this setting please?

Prefs, Midi Display Resolution.

Maybe what you’re looking for?

Preferences>MIDI>"MIDI Display Resolution: 1/16= ".

Legendary, Gentleman thank you.

Since I basically start out with the quantize value at 128 in order to “coarse-shift” notes, once I find I need finer-grained movements I simply uncheck the Snap button and I can freely move notes with the mouse albeit at a cost to my health in terms of RSI.

I guess having the Logical Editor means I can leave snap on for the sake of the project window and move notes logically but music being what it is that (snap) is of little utility when notes can be before or after a bar or beat.

Interesting of course but now I am now wondering by using 128 beats as my “default” quantize value, how many ticks would equal one beat?

120 ticks per 16th, 1 beat = (120*16)/4 in 4/4