"Gustav Alapranzj"

So, hi guys.
This is a song realized with my old Cubase 5.1:

…And this is just a game, the first look at Cubase 7.5.20:

Thanks for your opinion. :wink:

Gustav – VERY cool track man! Something a bit different from the usual I-IV-V progression. Good mix, everything :sunglasses:

Thanks, I’m very glad for your feedback. :slight_smile:

Just some info.
“Electro desperation” (2nd link above) was mixed using only mixconsole strip and eq, no insert added. I found it very powerful and funny, no distraction, direct to the point. It seems to mix on a real console (at least as a mind approach).

found “electro desperation” a very interesting listen…Kevin

Many thanks. :slight_smile:
I used a lot of Magneto II (strip) on drums, I found it fast and useful.

If you all have questions about mixing/recording I’m glad to talk about.


very good, great tunes and great production and performances.well done.

Thank you, polgara. :slight_smile:

I only listened to the Gustav track, interesting track really. The hi-hat work and vocal style reminded me of Dream Theater’s Octavarium album without sounding too much alike. Really enjoyed the vocal performance, especially the higher parts for the chorus and the sustained notes.

I guess my big criticism would be that it sounded just a touch too dry overall, though especially when the vocals are solo during the first part of the verse. 3:10 would be a great opportunity for a guitar or keyboard solo. :smiley:

Mix sounded good overall. The bass drum sounded a bit weak to me, but I am listening on in-ear earphones so I can’t really say properly. I enjoyed listening a lot anyway, hope you post more stuff in this genre. I’ve listened to some of the other tracks you have uploaded and you have some very cool ideas that are well-executed.

Man you make great music!! Love the Electro Desperation, only problem, too short , I wanna hear more and more ! It’s so beautiful to listen to, and I listened to you Gustav song, what can I say, just the best! Interesting sounds, good guitar playing, sounds so professional. I’m a fan !!

I’m just having the best evening listening on this forum. So much good stuff, now this! What a great track Gustav Alapranzj is. I would agree with Jonathan that it sounds maybe a bit dry, but it is such a fabulous track, I can only praise it. Tell us more about how the track was put together! Are you singing, playing the instruments? Drums sound fabulous. I want to hear more of your music.


Great job!


Thanks you all, guys. :wink:

I know, I wanted to go to a different way, so I tried to dry my track, just to experiment…
At the begin, I thought it worked, so I went to this direction. I don’t know if that’s a winning option, so thanks you all again for your replies.

Yes, I wanted a bass drum without kick, just punch with a lot of low end. Probably, not an optimal option for headphones listening. I’m sorry for this.

Yes, I wrote, sang, played (guitars, bass guitar, piano, ecc.), mixed and finalized. :slight_smile:
I’m closing another song, so I’ll post it in this forum, thanks to the encouragement that you, guys, have given me. :slight_smile:

Great playing I really liked the dry vocal on this, funny how people here things differently. Great production!

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:
I’m going to post a new track, wish you like.
Stay tuned! :wink: