I feel really bad because, I’m always thanking people for their help on this forum. But in return I’m of little to no help :frowning:. Which whenever I make a new topic asking for help, I feel bad because I have no thanks, it’s almost like bad karma in my opinion.

This isn’t true in life for me because it’s always the opposite, I’m always helping people all the time, without asking for anything in return and I never want anything in return. Afterall, you reap what you sew.

I don’t really know everything about Cubase, because I’ve self taught myself everything I know without reading anything in the manual (I’ve read one small topic about Input Transformers, that’s it) and you know what? I still don’t understand Input Transformers because of reading the manual. I know how they work, just never worked out for me for what I was trying to do :slight_smile: All I really use Cubase for is sequencing and arranging anyways, but still, wish I could help people out on here more, it really sucks seeing someone elses post and seeing them all frustrated, because I know exactly what that’s like when they can’t get help. It’s really great to solve someone elses problems in Cubase so that they can continue expressing themselves as musicians and/or producers.

So in the future if you see my posts, I’m sorry I have no “Been Thanked”, forgive me, I have tried :slight_smile: it’s the thought that counts.

Here you go… Thanks to you for being a good person. :smiley:

Sending much Aloha!

the colours of yer text hurt my eyes.
I had to reverse my monitors screen colour to read all of it.

But I sure like your avatar! :slight_smile:

Just added my contribution… :mrgreen:

  • Yes, thank you for that post :wink:

Hey man, many times I see a post, someone asking for something, no one is responding … I may not know the particular answer, but maybe I can offer some suggestions, point in a certain direction, bring up food for thought.

it`s much better to give and as you can see us lot are just selfish twa*s :laughing: but thanks for bringing this up

There you go, equalised your thanks with thanks given :slight_smile:

I love you guys :slight_smile: So nice and friendly this is why this is my favorite forum :smiley: and I didn’t even ask for any! I’m going to give back!

Thank you very kindly :slight_smile: and I will keep that in mind!