Vocals - Helen Lares
Classic Guitar - Thomas Vogt


Beautiful song. Her voice is very captivating. I love when the harmonies come in around 1:40 or so. Perhaps there may have been a but much high-end for my taste on the vocals but otherwise, liked it a lot.

Lovely voice…lovely song, kept expecting it to sort of…’‘get going’’ or develop, still a good song though, :slight_smile:

Kevin :slight_smile:

wow ,you should be very proud of this.

Cheers. :sunglasses: You might be right about the ‘toppy’ vocals… after reviewing other songs with this singer I’m noticing the same thing.

Thanks for the listen and comments. I guess it’s just not one of those kinda songs that ‘get’s going’ :wink:

Beautiful song, Ian!

Helen sings wonderful, as usual.

Great production! :sunglasses:


Thanks Wim :slight_smile:

Another great mix, Ian. Is this the same Thomas from the old forum? Classical/acoustic guitar ace? Is he still working with you? He was one of the best in the old forum.

Hi… yeah… same Thomas, but not a new project. This one was part of my year-long project revisiting my entire pre-2009 catalog reworking/remixing everything from scratch. This was originally recorded 2007/2008 ish and I think was the only time Thomas featured on one of my tracks. :sunglasses:

As everyone else said, the vocals are exceptional, .30 to .34 reminds me of something Amy Lee would do in a slower Evanescence track.

The intro, with the instrumentation being isolated, really shows where the quality is at. Really I couldn’t conceive a more fitting piano sound; guess you are still using Garritan, IIRC. The little abstract elements added for interest are very much on point as well. #gotta get to your level someday :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile: The piano is NI’s Alicia Keys Yamaha, and yes, orchestral components are Garritan. :sunglasses:

Simply beautiful. Vocals amazing. Harmonies perfect and in line with the mood of the track. Instrumentation and mix as classy as normal from you.
Glad I dropped on this as I’m thinking of buying Alicias Keys!
well done