H2n zoom Cubase LE AI elements 9

Hello everybody!

I have a zoom h2n and with it I got Cubase LE AI elements 9. This morning I installed the software on my laptop. I have watched many youtube videos to get started, they are very helpful. But I have one problem so far!

I want to use the zoom to record into Cubase and at the same time I want to listen to the recordings on my laptop as I go along with the progress. So I want the zoom to be the input and the computer to be the output. But I can only choose either the zoom for both input and output, or only the computer for both input and output.

How do I fix this? I would be so thankful for some help! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

You cannot use two Audio Devices at the same time in Cubase. Only one ASIO driver has to bee used. Solution would be to use software ASIO driver emulation: ASIO4ALL, and set it this way. If you are on Mac, use Aggregate device instead of ASIO4ALL.

Perfect, thank you so much! :slight_smile: I will try this. Do I download ASIO4ALL?


ASIO4ALL is for free.