H3 FXP files not supported in H4.5.2?

Hello friends,

I was using H3 on windows so far. Now I am using H4.5.2 on mac. When I try to load the H3 FXP files in the browser, about 50% files are shown marked with a red circle and the included ‘minus’ sign which, as per the help manual, means that the file format is not supported. Why some files are unloadable when they all were created at a go and are stored in the same folder? They all work very fine in H3.

Please help. Many of these files contain my own samples, not to be found anywhere else!


You can try and convert the problem, or any H3 FXP files for that matter into the more friendly and compatible H4, VST Preset file. Drag and drop said FXP into the Mediabay window of Halion 4 and it will automatically convert to the VST Preset format, where you can tag, ID and organize the program to your liking. After converted, they will appear in the Halion 3 Content folder of the Halion 4 Mediabay.

Thanks buddy for prompt help. I tried what you said but the files with the ‘unsupported content’ mark cannot be dragged and dropped to the mediabay at all. Nothing happens when you try that as against the ok H3 files which get converted to the VST preset format instantly.

I am sorry my method could not be of full benefit to you. There must be something about those particular files that Halion 4 does not like. Are they protected at all? Despite that, both being Steinberg products should have them working better than they currently are. I hope you get an official reply as to why the happenings are occuring the way they are.

Don’t discredit what I taught you in my previous post however, it still does come in handy for presets that do convert without issue.

Open them in halion 3.5 and re-save them

Hi Cantankerous and Arvfur,

No discredit at all! You are a great help. I want to know if it is possible that some files of a hardware sampler CD (like Roland 760) will be protected while others not - in one single CD I mean. Some files from the same CD, converted in a go, show the ‘unsupported content’ mark, while others load smoothly.

Also, the Steinbergs entertain no direct SOS communication from Indian musicians! No way to get an official reply by email or phone. We are advised to contact the local dealer for any help, which is not a fruitful exercise mostly.

Now that I have bought Hal4.5 already, is there a way to get Hal3.5 also to try what Arvfur has suggested?

Thanks for the concern and sorry for the trouble.

Halion 4.5 license allows Halion 3.5 to run without issue. I am unsure where you will find the Halion 3.5 installer however.

can anyone from steinberg help?

The same problem here, not even the original Halion3 sound sets and most of my Akai CD converted stuff won’t load in H4.5.2.
Anyone from Steinberg, please help!