H3-H5 upgrade...FAO support

I have contacted support 4 times over the last nine days regarding the above matter and had no reply on any occasion.

Could Support please contact me with details of the u/g procedure.

You’re not alone, I’ve several support tickets standing out, without any reply either.
Could be due to holiday season or they enjoy some cold beers at Sommerdom to stand the heat :wink:

Guys … what’s the nature of your problems? In this forum, we’re just other users like you, but maybe someone can help. We can’t help with the purchasing process, but if it’s about e.g. importing libraries and/or presets from H3, try us. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will be sorted soon, but this is getting ridiculous. There are others,on other forums, in the same boat as us too.

The title says it all really. Its purely an U/G issue that needs customer support to solve.

Thanks for the thought anyway. Its always nice to know there are helpful people out there.

Same problem for me. I’ve sent a support request last week and also a PM to Matthias Quellmann…

Still waiting…

Still no info or replies.

Come on Steinberg, the is p1ss poor service

Hi guys,

I am sorry to hear that you are still waiting.

Please write an email directly to the Steinberg HQ:

Please add your USB- eLicenser number with the HALion 3 license on it.

Please note that this Update is only available in the EU and USA.

Best regards,


Reading this I’m glad I managed to find a H4 update online when H5 was announced and take advantage of the grace period update. The H1-H3 to H5 update appears to have been a bit of an afterthought.

Hope this gets resolved for you soon though.

Did as asked.

I received a reply, with the relevant purchase link, within 20min.

Why was my post removed?
Did I say something that violated the forum’s terms of use I wasn’t aware of?

Yep it was clearly off- topic.
These topics will be removed.



I’m so sorry, please accept my apology.