H4 external wave editor

Hi can any one tell me if you can use Cubase 6 wave editor as an external wave editor for Halion 4, in the operation manual it said to get the best results use WaveLab.

I suppose you can use Cubase 6, BUT, it will open Cubase as a new application, and unless you are working with H4 in stand alone mode you already have one instance of Cubase open. I’m not sure it’s recommendable to have two separate instances of Cubase open at once. Besides, the sample won’t automatically open within the new application so you will have to import it manually anyway.

As for Wavelab, the sample will automatically appear on a track when exported to external wave editor. I’ve just downloaded a trial version of wavelab for this purpose but find this app hard to understand. Not to mention the costs of getting this app.

I’ve tested with Audacity as well and also here you will have to import the sample into the wave editor as a separate operation.

For those who’s owning Cubase as the only wave editor and really need H4 it seems like importing/exporting samples to/from Cubase project window or mediabay is the way to go. To get a sampler were a wave editor is not needed to perform routine work such as fade in/out and slicing I can recommend Kontakt from NI.

Thanks for the info Whirly, what a bummer you have to get a external editor to get the work done.

You could try this: