H4 'forgetting' samples location? Fix? When?

There are a few repeatable instances where Halion 4 irritatingly forgets the samples locations after creating a VST Preset for use in H4 and will never seem to remember where you have previously pointed it to in terms of the folder(s) containing the samples. It will constantly ask you over and over and over again where the location of the sample is upon loading despite you just telling it seconds earlier where it was when you previously loaded it. I know this was mentioned as being looked into to for refinement with the developers, but I have to ask… has any progress been made? When can we expect the first patch with a fix for this?

Halion 4 has issues imported sounds to be converted to the VST Preset format and the two ‘quickest’ ways always exhibit the issue listed above.

1.)Dragging and dropping FXB from Windows Explorer directly into the Halion 4 Mediabay is the quickest and easiest way to get things converted and tagged for future use. This method is useless however as the next time you go to load these freshly converted programs you are greeted with a sample location pop up box. You can show Halion 4 exactly where the sample is and it will work during that current session, but the next time you try and load it, you have to locate the sample all over again… and again and again.

2.) Imported and converting WAV samples into VST Presets is a real drag. The quickest and easiest way is to drag multiple audio files into a blank Cubase project creating separate audio tracks for each imported sound. You can then drag and drop each of these audio events right into Halion 4, right click and choose save program as. This method of dragging and dropping to and from Cubase to Halion and vise versa is a so called feature touted in Halion 4, however, this method too will not remember where the sample was originally located and imported from, it seems to keep wanting to find it from within the Cubase project. What is the point of being able to drag and drop audio events to and from Cubase and Halion if it won’t remember where the sample is continuously stored? Upon loading the patch, again I am asked for the samples location. I point it directly to the folder on my hard drive where the sample was originally imported into the Cubase project from before it was dragged into Halion 4. For that current session it will remember its location and play fine. Next time I start it up, bam, asking me again and again and again.

Please tell me this is an issue that is recognized in which a fix is being worked on to be released QUICK!! I have given up on importing and converting sounds as it is nothing but a waste of time if you can’t use them reliably later. Believe me, I have wasted way too much time on the slow and pathetic method of importing and converting sounds one by one to have it all gone to waste.

Have you tried saving the instrument once the samples for it are found? there is no other way to make it remember where the samples are stored.

Do you mean try loading, tell it where the sample is located, then save it again?

Do you mean right clicking on the program and selecting save program?

If I am off track, please let me know. I need to get this sorted please. Thanks. It is killing my workflow.

Yes that’s what I mean.

In the program window (the one that shows all the layers and elements of the program), there is a small floppy disk icon at the top left window corner. That’s the icon I use, it’s faster than selecting an option in a menu. Once the program is saved it will remember the samples location forever.

It’s quite logical if you think of it. When you import a program, the program file is created but the samples are not requested until you load it into memory. Once you try to load it Halion asks you about the samples, and once you have located them, you need to save the program to store the changes definitively.

You are definitely right sir, thank you extremely much. I tried what you suggested and of course it worked. :blush:

It is quite logical too, once I read your explanation. I was just really annoyed on how long it is taking me to convert all my sounds that any set back meant more lost time and it just added to my frustration. It all makes sense now so things should be a little smoother in the future. Thanks again.

I’m glad you got the problem solved, cheers!