H4 Kudos + Suggestions

Just wanted to say how much I prefer H4 to Kontakt. It’s hard for me to believe the same people responsible for the 1980s interface in Cubendo and the poorly thought out interface configuration mechanism in Wavelab, could have come up with an interface that is actually usable. A few more features and this will truly be the best Sampler around.

Just a few tidbits … the popups for tab control are not necessary … look up at your maximize, minimize, close buttons on all your interfaces and think what that would be like as a set of toggles on each tab! Ditch the keycommand thing left over from Cubase. Right click, assign is your friend. Hover on a control should show the shortcut and accelerators. A list in the Options editor for keycommands that works similar to the Program or Table Tree would be better than a POPUP. DEATH TO POPUPS!! It may have saved you code to re-use the Cubase MIDI/Audio config screens, but it just proves what a crappy paradigm that is.

Adjustable color pallet please.

Anyhow, after a week I’m thinking this was a good purchase. Hopefully some of the design considerations show up in the upcoming versions of Cubendo. Keep up the good work!