H4 with EWI

Hi does anybody know how to setup H4 or for that matter C5 to use a wind controller. I would think it would envolve midi input transformers breath to velocity ect. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Ross :smiley:

I would imagine you would set it up the same way as any other midi controller…
If it’s a wind controller then i would also imagine things like the relevant CC’s for things such as breath will already be assigned to the usual defaults… a quick look at the devices midi implementation chart should tell you though.

I’ve never had the chance to play with an EWI… would love to though, but every other midi device i’ve played with over the years has been pretty straight forward… you just need to know what CC’s are mapped to what basically.

not sure how this is solved with Halion. i think Cubase reads it fine. but how to map it in Halion 4? Blowing into the EWI, the first note is always low sensored and dont play at the velocity range you want it to unless u blow using your tunge mute before your blowing. Not sure how to fix this but i am very intrested in seeing how this gets mapped out on Halion. I use Akai USB EWI and i have this issue on Halion Sonic /SE and Halion 4 Trial. some other VSTs already come mapped out for Wind controller use. How can we map out the CCs in Halion for Wind Controller?! maybe Steinberg can make a easy button lator in the next Halion for different MIDI controller maps for certain MIDI controllers.