H4n Manual

I’ve got a new H4n mike. I’ve yet to record my first sound.

The manual is quite clear about much of the set-up. e.g., in Section 7-2, page 38, it shows how to switch from Stereo to MTR. I think I have to do that to record in MP3 rather than .wav; more space. It’s simple. Press MENU & scroll down to MODE. But, there’s no MODE on my machine! This is repeated throughout the manual. There are pictures showing that I need to scroll down to an option. But, that option is not on my H4n.

There’s a mismatch between my H4n & the manual. Both are clearly marked “H4n”.

Hmm… The manual consistently refers to “H4n” but the manual cover shows “H4nex”. Perhaps that’s the problem.

I went on-line to look at the manual. The one there is the same as the one I have in my hand (no good to me).

Where do I get a manual that matches up with my machine?

H4Nex simply means H4Next generation.

Anyway, when you first press the Menu button, do you hold it for at least 2 full seconds or more ?

After that, you press the scroll button sideways to scroll up or down to pick menu item.

I have no problem pulling up the menu. But, for example, the manual (page 075) shows a menu with FILE, INPUT, REC, TOOL,… It says I should click on TOOL & then select from TUNER, METRONOME, etc. On MENU on my H4n it shows FOLDER, FILE, INPUT, REC, PLAY MODE, SYSTEM, SD CARD. There is no TOOL option.

Time & again, the manual shows options that do not appear on my machine.

Do you have Stamina mode switched on, if so, that will disable some menu functions like Mode .

What System Software version you’re using on the H4N ?"

Yes. Stamina is on.

I had some other software issues (unrelated to H4n) that have me switching from 32- to 64-bit Win7. I’m going to be away from this stuff for a few days. I suspect that you’ve provided me with the answer.