H5-Dragging notes in Key Editor does not change their pitch.

Dragging notes in Key Editor does not change their pitch.

This occurs only on some sounds in Halion 5. It appears on many mono bass sounds.

Problem detail: typically when you drag a note in the Key Editor, you can hear the pitch changes. The problem I am having is that when I drag a note I hear the first (1/2 step) pitch change. Any further dragging plays the original pitch. However I’ve found that if I grab the note and drag it up and down quickly, it corrects the problem.
The problem is occuring using Halion 5 with Cubase 7. Here are a few patch names that are problematic:

DX Bass
Real Pick Rock Bass

If someone could please try this for me and report back, I’d much appreciate it:
Simply create an H5 instance in C7. Load one of the patches listed above. Open the Key Editor. Add a note. Now drag the note up slowly several steps. It should change pitch…and continue to change pitch. Does it?

As this is a hybrid issue between H5 and C7, I will post in both forums.