h5 freeze when opening edit window

i have a project where whenever i open the h5 editor i loose control over cubase. music continues to play but i cant do anything. the h5 windows reminas the active but i must shut cubase down with the activity manager.

i suspect it could be related to the old “the project you want to open has a different number of outputs” message you always got from halion3 cause i got this after working with some older projects that contained halion3 and the project i have the problem with is one that contained both - with halion3 in slot1 and h5 in slot2. ive tried shutting down h3 with no luck and opening a new instance of h5 in slot1 gives me another flawed instance :cry:
i can still work with the project but ofc not edit any parameter within halion5 :cry:

anyone with similar expereinces? thoughts?


pc win7 latest version of h5 and cubase7