H5 / H6 Licences

I use two computers with the USB dongle swapped between then.
I am downloading H6 for use on one computer but from reading other posts activating H6 wipes out the H5 licences

Does this mean that H5 on the second computer will now not open as it finds no dongle licence?

I also have a separate licence for Halion Sonic 2 on my dongle as I purchased both Halion 5 and halon Sonic as two individual products. Is this affected by the install of H6?

All advices / information appreciated.


Hi Dave,

when upgrading your license of HALion 5 to HALion 6, the new license will not include HALion 5 anymore. So, HALion 5 cannot be used with the HALion 6 license. According to Steinberg that is due to the fact, that HALion 6 now can be activated on a Soft-eLicenser as well.

I do wish, they would have communicated that clearly upon release, as the license policy has virtually always been to include all previous versions of the product.

In case you need HALion 5 running on a machine after upgrading, please contact support. They should sort that issue out for you.

If you have a separate license for HALion Sonic 2 (not running it on the HALion 5 license), it should not affect that product, as long as you are not upgrading that particular license to HS3.

Maybe someone from SB can chime in to confirm.


FWIW, my understanding is that Mike is correct (from reading earlier comments from SB on here).

I agree it would be nice to have it confirmed by someone from SB in plain terms.

Unfortunately here in UK I cannot current access Steinberg support as they appear to have a sever problem affecting many users accessing My Steinberg, (See a post about Typo 3 error in Cubase 9 board).

No idea of the extent of this as some posts seem to indicate this also effects the licenser server which would make it impossible to currently activate Halion 6.

So catch 22 can’t contact support and can’t activate my purchase. Clock ticking on zero downtime option.

This lack of incorporation of the Halion 5 licence creates a problem for USB dongle users who have 32bit machines and 64bit machines, as Halion 6 is 64bit only and if the licence is wiped from the dongle the 32bit machine loses access to the older versions of Halion. Also no idea of potential hits to my Halion Sonic 2 licence as I bought this separately.

Wonder what the objective of Steinberg really is in this licence removal, just a poor assumption or an intentional removal of use of previous purchased products?

I saw no reference to this in the Halion 6 marketing materials.