H5 Issues in C8

Installed a demo version of H5, thankfully it seemed to repairs the missing sound/sample set issues with HS2, however, there a re now some issues with H5.

It works fine in standalone mode though, when in C8, undocking parts of the UI cause a raft of issues. Click on a window to undock and said window flashes up briefly on the screen and then disappears! Click a few times more and the same thing happens, then H5 gets really unresponsive. Close it down and a multitude of undocked windows appears, close them and it gets so funky that it has to be removed as an instrument and reloaded to get it back working properly, the cycle of events start all over again.

It’s a lovely interface to use for editing but the hassles it causes are not worth it, even at the spring flash sale price. It seems as if it’s suffering from the old “windows on top” issues that C7.5 had before the introduction of the Aero fix in C8.

Can a moderator comment on this please?