H5 Library Selector Dropdown Box Issue

When clicking the dropdown for to pick a library, it now goes to a screen with module pictures … except I have about 25 to 30 of my own libraries that don’t show up anymore. Is there any way to get it to just be a drop down list like it used to be? Or, show a default module picture for our own libraries we create/add?

Also, I know I sound like a broken record, but you do realize that you’ve added an unnecessary additional mouse movement and click to select a library. The H4 way you just went to the dropdown and selected your library. The new way you get taken to another screen just so you can show off some thumbnails to click on. Completely unnecessary.

I know exactly what you mean, I too used to like the drop down menu, listing my personal libraries in HALion 4 and miss that about HALion 5 as well. One thing I am glad about though, is that they included a clickable icon for HALion 3 content, as that is where all your dragged and dropped FXP get assigned to, before you fine tune them in the mediabay, at least I have a quick jump to that.

What I do to get around the above, is just set up a column in the top, filtering portion of the mediabay to included library names and I simply select them from there.

I do hope something can be done in a future update about this though, perhaps a means to create our own icons for libraries of our choosing? It would be nice to click an icon, assigned to a personal library of choice and browse the sounds contained within the library this way.

I can fully understand why Steinberg did what they did in HALion 5 with the icons, as HALion 5 contains lots of additional synths and modules that HALion 4 never had, so never needed to worry about filtering per synth/module, like HALion 5 does. The clickable icons is great to get patches listed that only pertain to the synth in question, but it doesn’t mean the old method should have been totally thrown out the window either.

i agree completly here , it was easier in H4 to select own made Librarys

tried it (as i was dissapointed too) , for sure it can be done with own graphic icons for own made Librarays !

more i will not say for now how , becaue i really think Steinberg would complain about !

adding the library filter was the first thing I did. Not to be argumentative, but the new synths would be just as visible in that old drop down … just as they are visible in the library list.

Hi everyone,

We are aware of this problem and will provide a solution in a future update.

In the meantime there is workaround for everyone who has access to a graphic editing software like Photoshop (and is willing to get creative)

All of the icons of the library selector are placed in a folder on your system:

PC: //Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/HALion/LibraryInfo
Mac: //Library/Application Support/Steinberg/HALion/LibraryInfo

As you can see the icons are PNG files with three different states (neutral, selected, click). When you create your own icon png you have to name it exactly like your user library and place in this folder. Your user library with your custom icon will then show up in the library selector.

Outstanding! Thanks for the quick reply. I know it is a minor thing. I just happen to use a lot of my own libraries. Im absolutely digging H5 so far.

thanks now we can talk about , exactly the same thing Matthias have said i have tried and made for own made Librarys !

and nice to hear that Steinberg are aware of and will provide a solution for an update !

Please find attached some templates you can user to create your own icons.

The template is 98x246 px and contains three frames with 82 px height each.
The top frame is the “regular” state. The second one is the “click” state and the bottom is the “mouse over” state.

There are three template files in the zip:

1.) PSD
Here you can fill the red area with your own images and change the text. Then hide the background and save it as a png file. The name of the png must be exactly named after your user library.

2.) TIFF (Multi Layer)
Here you can as well fill the red area with your own images and change the text. Then hide the background and save it as a png file. The name of the png must be exactly named after your user library.

3.) PNG
Here you can as well fill the red area with your own images and put your own text in the empty space below the images. We use the Windows Truetype Font Tahoma. If you place the text below the bottom image at first you can easily copy it with an offset of 82px to the middle and top frame. Then again save it as a png and name it after your user library.

I am looking forward to your icon creations! Feel free to post your custom icons here in this thread.
HALion Library Selector Icons.zip (39.4 KB)

That’s brilliant , personalised library icons , it just gets better and better :wink:

agree , thanks again Matthias :slight_smile:

to be honest now i don´t really need an update anymore for the Library Selector as it is a fine solution for H5 !

except steinberg would or can integrate something which makes this solution faster like a feature : select your library and choose an pic on the fly to integrate ! hope you know what i mean

Thanks for the great news Matthias, I am excited to hear that a solution will be available in the future for us users, but am even happier that you are providing a solution and a workaround for the time being, for those that can’t wait. Now that is service! :sunglasses:

That’s what I asked for, the response was …“we are aware and working on it”. So, there will be some facility to do something with the icons I’m sure. Probably take 22 mouse clicks, but it will work :smiling_imp:

Does a major Yamaha share holder have majority stock in a mouse button switch production plant?

Am I the only who thinks this is awesome?

You mean besides me who brought it all up to begin with?

I have the perfect Scotch set aside for a night of tacking thumbnails to libraries…

Thanks Matthias, much appreciated. I’d been hacking my own but template simplifies things a lot.

And another +1 for sorting this - as simple as an option to revert to the old ‘flat’ drop-down list will do.

I could understand more if the icons were stylised like regular Application icons, to give each synth more of a personality, but they’re just tiny screen-shots… :-/

Just an FYI, I think the LibraryInfo folder is in ProgramData/Steinberg/Halion/LibraryInfo

not /Users/…/AppData/Roaming

It works! I didn’t try to get a good capture of the sleeve, but I’ll do it right now that I know how to do it.

I have no idea about photo editing at all, so I don’t think I can take care of this myself and will most likely have to wait until the Steinberg released, user friendly option appears in a future update. I am glad it’s working though, it looks nice with that home made icon sitting alongside the others there JMCecil!