H5 Mac which folder to use for new imports

Been importing some instruments that I always use… The thing is that there are so many folders for steinberg on a mac
I think around 4 or 5 for Halion alone … So first I Believe is to star with user and go on from there…
but where ??? This is the biggest issue I have with Steinberg is that there is no organize file system…
Any Idea’s ???
Anyone on a mac that has done imports has any tips ??

Please any Ideas

User presets live here :-

~/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/HALion/Program/

After batch importing other formats the results will go into a sub-folder called ‘Imported’ with each seperate import in a folder labelled by date :-

~/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/HALion/Program/Imported/

So after importing it’s worthwhile to go and do a little house-keeping - i.e sorting into named folders etc. and then moving them back up one level into the ‘Program’ folder and re-scanning Mediabay. Makes backing up etc. much easier, as you now know exactly where the presets physically are, without having to rely on Mediabay to find them.


Thanks ! that is really helpful :smiley:
It’s working out fine