H6.2.20 / HS(SE)3.2.20 Update: Still...

… the Media Bay filter columns (main list and all popup selectors) are not remembered as I set them up. This always worked before version 6.2.10. Why had that been changed? I want to keep setting them up my way as I was used to.

… the “new” menu font is rather unreadable on non-HiDpi screens, compared to the “old” menu font. Sub menu indicators now work again, but the font itself still is “cloudy” - especially numbers are hardly readable. As true type Fonts are fully scalable, the old font surely would work on HiDpi screens - so why change it?

Menu screenshot H6.1:
Menu Font H6.1.jpg
Menu screenshot H6.2.20:
Menu Font H6.2.20.jpg

You have to save the screenshot for them to be remembered.