[H6 & HS3] Issue selecting phrase in B-Box

  • Open HALion 6 or HALion Sonic 3
  • Load ‘Init B-Box’ preset or some other B-Box preset
  • Click on ‘MACRO’ tab
  • Click below on ‘Pattern’ to ‘Select Phrase’

According to manual a pop-up menu should appear to let you choose other phrase for current pattern:

Editing the Entire Pattern
• To load a pattern, click in the field below the editor and select it from the pop-up menu.

but nothing happens!

Things like, reinstall HALion using Steinberg Download Assistant or delete folders to let HALion creates new config files don’t fix anything.

Checked in desktop and laptop computers using Windows 10, 64 bits

Hi javi,
there are no individual stored factory pattern (phrases), neither in HALion 5 /HALion Sonic 2 nor in HALion 6 /Halion Sonic 3. The pattern (phrases) you will see if you open a B-Box preset are stored in the preset itself.
To be able to load a pattern via the field below the editor you have to create your own pattern (phrases) first.

best regards
Gerrit Junge