H6 - missing new instruments?!?

Hi, I have just installed H6 on my win7 pc. Everything went right but when I started it, it open a windows reporting 2missing samples":

  • missing sound archive (double click to register), e.g Soundscape 079-C5.tg3c
    -missing sound archive (double click to register) , e.g. Full Strings Romantic - A0.tg3c

and it the bottom it reports “42 missing files”
But the worst things is that if I open the program browser and click on “All instruments Sets” it does not show the new instruments (the eagle, rave, etc…) but only the H5 old ones…Please Help!!!

There is no Halion 6 content.
Try to install Halion sonic 3 to.

Thank you for yor reply. Of course I did install Halion Sonic 3 Content. The problem was that it actually did not copy the new vstsound library. I solved by manually copy all vstsound 2017-2016 from the uncompressed dir to the appdata steinberg halion content dir. It helped me the Library Manager which showed the proper installation dir

Hi vscorpio,

It seems you have to ‘reset’ HALion 6 config files. Try to apply the solution that I wrote at the end of the following post:

Good luck!